Thursday 11 August 2011

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

“Massive. That’s the word”.


When walking up to this Merc, you get the idea straight away that it is impressive. You stop, you look at the beautiful design, a four door, four seater coupe; the stance is gorgeous, up front a distinctive snout, a curved low roofline flowing into a tapered boot.

All the specs are massive, 4915 mm long, 2059mm wide including mirrors. To tug all its weight, 2370kg to be precise, a mighty 514BHP is available. Torque, a seriously healthy 465 lbs/ft. The engine is put together by one man; it actually has his name on it. All the power comes from 6.2 litres of V8 muscle, enough to tow a small house. It does, however cough out CO2 at 345g/km.

Fuel consumption goes along with this theme, urban at 12.5 mpg, tickling the right pedal might get a lucky 19 per gallon. Calais to Pozzallo sucks up just over € 700 & that was before fuel went up again...

The new CLS 63 AMG will get the 5.5 Twin turbo V8 because of the constant battle against CO2 emissions, but until then, this CLS is normally aspirated. O-100Km/hr is reached in 4.5 seconds & who knows how fast it can go if it didn’t have the 250KM/hr speed limiter. This is definitely super car territory in a sports saloon, making it a welcoming achievement; sports car excitement in an executive package.


After walking round & admiring the sleek unique design as one does when mesmerised, it’s time to check out the interior. Once seated, you plug in the remote (yes you don’t insert a key on a Merc) which in turn, releases the electric steering lock, then, motors galore come into play, all synchronised to a preset memory, steering, seats & mirrors adjust accordingly with three memories available. The armchairs look & feel like they are made for high speed cross continent journeys for four adults but, headroom is compromised in the back. A large boot at 495 litres makes sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Build is superb & everything around you feels like quality with luxury everywhere. Nappa leather helps keep you comfy; as always, this makes it look special too. Anything you need is done by the touch of a button, so if you decide that the rear headrests are becoming tedious in your rear view mirror; no points for guessing, press a button & they disappear. The steering is still large as is the usual Mercedes fashion but that does little to ruin what is very nicely conceived and beautifully executed cabin. A lovely wraparound cosiness gives it a unique distinguished character.

Start up, no fuss here, rev counter jumps up & settles smoothly as does the engine. Quite a masterpiece really, the engine; sonorous & effortlessly powerful in any rev range reaching aggressive at full throttle.


This is a big car with a big engine based on the E Class platform but is sportier & more dynamic. It’s all the electronics that keep everything in place but make no mistake, this is really rewarding to press on; blisteringly fast flashing into three figure speeds in a matter of seconds. Automatics are the way to go on Mercs, they don’t seem to have quite mastered the manual. Seamingless gear change is slick in auto, switch to paddles & it gets more personal; flick down, it’s in fighter mode, flick up & power just keeps thrusting forward. Kick down is accompanied by a furiously flashing traction control light until the rubber really bites into the ground, this is where that silly smile emerges across & soon becomes laughter of excitement at the tremendous developing power.

Shooting down the motorway with V8 thunder under the bonnet is most probably any enthusiasts prayer being answered, especially when the residence is on an island 17 miles long! So when the time comes to slam the right foot down with a slab of tarmac going on forever, this is defintiely, absolutely the place to experience that V8 orchestra commencing from a deep growl that turns into an exciting symphony. Acceleration is constant whether the needle is at two or three digit speeds as is the solid feel of German engineering. Ease off the pedal as everything around you becomes a blur; this is quick in a new dimension.

Mercedes_9“AMG magic is present throughout the car & not just in the wheels or styling”. Steering is weighty & not over powered with the feel of handling a large car but gives control over behaviour in the bends. Brakes can keep up with whatever driving style chosen; urgency to a halt depends on the big pedal’s feedback with millimeter precision. Combine these with the tuned marriage between the chassis & suspension & this gives an enjoyable agility; always composed & balanced. After experiencing a CLS 320 Cdi, it certainly has the emphasis on control, the diesel version is for comfort cruising in style, the AMG version is for bragging with your mates when you get there!

After the thunder provided by this excellent piece of machinery, there is one conclusion: the CLS 63 AMG is an accomplished super saloon or, as it is marketed ‘Coupe’.


Maurice Gruppetta


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