Monday 4 February 2013

TEST DRIVE-2011 A5 2.0 TDI Coupe

Head turning good looks!

Sleek, stylish, mature and absolutely elegant for a Coupe is what first sparks the brain. This A5 in deep sea pearl metallic blue sitting on 19" Y rims with silver grey Milano leather interior creates magnetism to your vision; a truly attractive machine!


Sitting down in the cockpit makes you wonder; other premium brands can learn a few things from this display of finesse; finish is on par to surgical precision. Sharp and clear is the layout of the complete instrumentation of dials, switches, rotary controls and illuminated information for the driver to navigate.

Infotainment switches a blessing; easy to choose or to change entertainment/info/navigation as they use direct access instead of scrolling through an endless menu. IPod connection could have been better thought out; exercising a full torso stretch to the far end of the glove compartment is not always appreciated, especially midst the morning yawn on your daily commute.

With MMI (multi-media interface) navigation in all its glory, the dash really is a spectacle at night, although, the 7" display is nestled so well within the dash that it is hardly affected by the mega-light beating down from the sky.

Accommodation is superb front or back unless occupants at the rear are over 6ft tall; leather is in the premium league, as it should be; comfortable travelling any distances. A humongous boot with no crevices or bulges interfering the rectangular shape provide all the space needed for cross country journeys.

1.8 or 2.0 TFSI are the petrol entry levels into the A5 club and without going to V8 grunt, the 2.7 and 3.0 TDI Quattro are the V6 diesel power houses. But, the smart money goes to the 2.0 TDI we have here in our possession. 170 BHP on tap and torque in imagethe region of 258lbs/ft easily provide cross country runs with 42+ miles per gallon; including any driving style, whether or not a hooligan such as myself is behind the wheel. Have you seen the price of fuel lately? Then all that makes a lot of sense and if you combine that with CO2 at a respectable 134 g/Km together with start/stop, it’s no mystery that should keep the annual road tax to a comfortable low with no complaints from your bank account. If that’s not enough, the mid life refreshed styling brings improved figures of 175bhp, a remarkable economy of 60.1mpg as well as emitting 122g/km when mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

The oil burner under the bonnet is smooth by any standard, whether idle, crawling along or even with harsh driving, but what really gets my attention is the flow of torque delivery; it’s like turbo lag is non-existent. It feels like forced induction is provided by a supercharger and not a turbo charger, such is the will to flow along and not struggling until the turbo spools up. With the wheels rolling just above a stroll & in second gear, press down with your right foot & the engine pulls away effortlessly without any delays or waiting for additional power to kick in, I dare say, very similar to a normally aspirated engine.

Gear change, as in many VWs, is as mechanical and precise as they get but without any real engagement or attachment to the driver. Steering, on the contrary, does keep in sync with road feedback, providing a purposeful sense of direction as the car feels in motion on a set course with no over assistance or wandering. High speed runs give a sensation as if flowing down the motorway with steady traction on the straights as well as the bends; impressive for a front wheel drive which does not feel like a mass lump up front. Only those expansion joints on bridges with bends seem to upset the composure. Other than that, the A5 demands you pump the tunes through the Bang & Olufsen sound system, use all 6 gears and cruise on the outside lane-permanently.

imageWhizzing by from one Country to the next from the UK to Malta does provide some surprises along the way, road works, the occasional car crash but above all, the abrupt need to stop. Brakes here give the impression that they don’t agree with physics, harsh braking startle as everything around you seems to be flashing forward but the car has slowed to a stationary position; very quickly. This happens in such a graceful manner that the occupants don’t feel like being thrown forward. Pirelli P zeros do claim this car to the road & may have something to do with this, the grip is phenomenal.

Well in short, is this a fresh alternative to other premium brand coupes with four seats? Definitely.

Friday 1 February 2013


Well for what it’s worth, I shall share my views on the world of detailing.

It seems that in reality on this Island, many so called Detailers don’t really detail anything! What they actually do, is wash a car as best they know using which ever302703_3448868758764_743247278_n products they get a good deal on. Most using power washers as well as high powered wet & dry Vacuum cleaners. However, they do get good cleaning results; that is if you want to get your car “clean”. A selected few (I mean few) have had the opportunity of a sponsored trip to a car care supplier, where this was more of a product promotion exercise than anything else. I know this as I have spoken to one of these individuals who attended such a seminar. Thus, wherever you see a DETAILER sign over an establishment that washes cars all day long, it is safe to say, the term is used loosely indeed.

So,what is considered Detailing?

Detailing is for the enthusiast at heart. That individual who not only enjoys the drive, the feel, the sound that comes with the car, but also has the passion to appreciate how it looks & is maintained. Yes, it does involve washing the car; by a specific method. This procedure is to get to the point of what is known as paint correction & believe me, this is the most impressive section of detailing. Taking away all the contaminants left in the paintwork & working the magic to bring out that spectacular shine; literally, bringing the colour to life! Defects such as swirls, minor cleaning scratches, holograms & in some cases, even bird poop that just won’t go away; all vanish leaving a deep mirror finish. Multiple buffing stages are carried out, specialized chemicals & products are used to bring out the ultimate beauty from within the  paintwork. Details under the bonnet & wheel arches become apparent as though they did not exist to begin with. The wheels, oh yes the wheels, every enthusiasts pride, these are treated just like the paintwork & sparkle right down to the crevices of the bolts that secure them in place.  Clients have experienced friends asking them if they have re-sprayed the car after a thorough paint correction. Others, just can’t stop smiling when they pass by for their car.

There is much more than meets the eye!

395050_3475772911351_362914560_nThe detailing technique on any car does involve a thorough inspection inside & out as well as the engine bay. Detailed cleaning gets into all corners, nooks & crannies throughout the entire vehicle; even where is normally never even noticed, greasy door hinges come to mind, filthy wheel arches another. It all depends on the level of detailing the client wishes to choose.

In order to keep brief, the above is just a tease of what is involved. To get a better idea of the gruelling task that goes on, indulge yourself in the renderings of SPECIALISED DETAILING on my Facebook page.

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Test Drive: 2007 SLK 55 AMG

V8 neatly packed!


Forget the hair dresser’s car of old, this is in your face AMG combination of aggressive appearance with elegant styling. It has two things really adorable for this size of car; a fat ass & a V8 lump which oodles personality in the front, these give a tingle up your spine every time you look at it or turn the ignition key. Don’t get this wrong, the whole package looks gorgeous with proportions spot on, front end is mean, showing yes, that it means business as it even has gills & claws spread over the bonnet as well as the bumper.

Press sport mode in the console & the V8 opens up a ferocious appetite to chew up the road in front of it, accompanied by an instrumental growl; louder & louder CIMG6706as the revs climb into the red zone. Then, the 7 speed G-tronic gearbox smacks in the next gear & the orchestra starts all over. At traffic lights, sport mode feels like it just wants to pounce forward & go through anything in its way. Gear selection may be mastered by the buttons on the rear of the steering for personal satisfaction, but when in a hurry, the gearbox handles superbly with smooth changes. For some reason, playing with the switches doesn’t kind of give the real enjoyment the V8 wants to offer, there is a certain delay that is non existent when in Sport Auto mode. If the C button is selected, everything is tamed down to a relaxed atmosphere, that is, until a sharp probe of the go-pedal, then, a flashing traction control light goes bezerk.


Brake disks are larger than on any other SLK & are cross drilled all round with massive AMG callipers, these help a commanding modulation with the big pedal, much needed with this power. Never over powering but a sense of control at any speed. Also, standard equipment includes brake assist.

CIMG6700Flexible pockets in the doors seem to be more at home in a Beetle than in an AMG package as are the door release levers, apart from these, the cabin is well focused to the driver & uniquely styled in Mercedes fashion & quality. The Centre console is well laid out & includes a very user friendly climate control system together with easy-to-reach buttons. Seats, a little on the hard side. Apart from that, everything is electric from the seats to the steering adjustment, virtually impossible not to get the right position for a comfortable fit.

Vario Roof does twitch a little more than is acceptable but it must be said that it is such a graceful piece of engineering: going from coupe to convertible just about squeezes into 22 seconds to fully lower or raise, that includes the windows. The boot is obviously compromised with all that metal, glass & mechanism stored there with the top down, however, a convertible hardtop design, with its coupe-like profile and superior wind and weather protection, provides significant advantages in the top-up position.

CIMG6713aThe ride is very composed with no abrupt bumping up & down on uneven surfaces but about the right amount of stiffness that is accepted on a spirited drive; there is no sacrifice & so a couple of hours cruising the continent would be a pleasure. With a symphony coming from the front, provided by a certain German lad who put all the instruments together in the form of a 5.5 litres AMG V8, the stereo can be shutdown for the entire trip. Although very vocal in express mode, traveling at the speed limit can also be a relaxing affair as the soft-touch material covering most of the interior seems to soak up any unwanted noise.

If cruising is not your style, you can tear away at the lights like a bat out of hell by means of 360BHP available, whizzing by the 60 mph mark in 4.9 seconds. This propulsion CIMG6730ais provided by 376lbs/ft of torque for all that V8 goodness as the engine roars angrily while the wheels fight for traction. Coming up to the bends is a balancing act, rear wheels struggling harshly to bite into whatever tarmac is left on the road, steering trying to keep up with necessary adjustments as the rev counter keeps waving at you; all tremendous fun. The Vario Roof weight penalty only seems to enhance the enjoyment keeping a good balance in the mix. CO2 at 288 g/km is unforgiving though & places it in the highest tax band but is expected with such a power hungry machine.


The SLK has to compete with a very powerful bunch to the likes of BMW Z4, Nissan 370Z and Porsche Boxster. Thanks to its classy cabin, distinctive looks and solid performance credentials, the SLK more than holds its own in this segment. For a convertible that sacrifices little in performance and excels at luxury and prestige, the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG can be the one to choose.

Friday 9 September 2011

Aftermarket up to the minute Info!


is affected by copper in the aftermarket world. Unfortunately as the price keeps reaching new altitudes, in turn, this keeps increasing the retail prices for our beloved car accessories.

First up & mostly penalised is copper main power cable. Generally used to supply positive & negative to all sorts of colourful toys in our cars today. The more needed, means the more we are separated from the precious paper we call money. Result; more high powered systems from amplifiers to winches have become tremendously hit by the increase in price.

There is a solution for this painful impact; CCA! So everyone can understand; Copper Coated Aluminium. Without going into detail resembling a NASA afternoon tea break; high grade wire cable is oxygen free copper. With good quality CCA, the majority of the strands compiled to make a power cable are aluminium & the remainder copper at a ratio of around 70% aluminium to 30% copper. Is this better; nope! But, it is definitely a cheaper relief that can do nearly exactly the same job except for extreme necessities. For all of us in the practical world of cash versus value; this does bring a smile to our face when the time comes to pay, because this brings the price down by nearly 50%!!

Next up is one of the most needed tools for the car enthusiast because as is commonly known, most fanatics use their car less rather than more! Why? Because their cars are normally tucked away in a garage just sitting pretty. Curious? A car battery conditioner. This really should be in use for all the time the car is parked in it’s tomb. Occasional drives, oh & the pathetic distances of these so called “cruises”, do no help to the battery condition whatsoever.

This brings us back to the battery conditioner which is imperative for the health of our car’s electrical system. The heart of that electrical energy is the storage system known as the Battery. It is vital we keep the battery fully topped for it to give us that cranking power when needed. When left hibernating for extended periods, the battery loses voltage & although it has enormous cranking capacity, it will burst the car into life but, every time it does so after being dormant, it does permanent damage to its storage capacity. Slowly killing the battery, so to speak! A conditioner will keep the battery in a healthy fully charged state by trickle charging; it also recognises it is not needed & simply shuts down charging until needed again.

HID – High Intensity Discharge

CIMG6250 (1024x768)I did mention in my last article LED lighting, which may compliment your ride. Cool, funky, attractive or even spooky are just few descriptions for this method of illumination. But, the priority is to be seen! Hence, the definition of Daytime Running Lights (DRL) With safety in the minds of those boffins who created DRLs, these have now become compulsory on new cars in Europe. HID lighting on the other hand also extends the safety of your headlamp lighting; by assisting further vision, much further.

The massive leap from Halogen yellow fever to the pure white spread out in front of your car, is exactly like watching your favourite cartoon the next morning, after a dark horror movie the previous evening. It’s just like having your own personal segment of daylight right in front of your car in the middle of the night! Such is the beauty of HID headlamp lighting. Road signs light up as if painted with fluorescent & paint on tarmac becomes clearer to navigate. A definite improvement. Your companion will ask why you’re taking the long route home after a night on the town!

Most manufacturers may provide daylight from the front headlamps for a smallCIMG6253 (1024x768) fortune. But as a HID aftermarket option, this is much, much cheaper. In most cases, they are not even detected that they have been installed, giving the impression they are OEM.

Price wise, this will bring you up to speed; OEM HID lighting will easily set you back close to a tear jerking € 1000. Aftermarket HIDs start from € 150.00 fitted!

The most important factor, they must be properly installed. Experience installation is key here! Poorly aligned headlamps & unprotected bulbs are a huge No No for the men in blue. For these reasons, VRT stations will gladly supply an immediate failure on normal halogen lamps let alone HIDs. These should be to the accordance of the manufacturers specifications to begin with.

The majority of headlamps have a bulb cover in some form or other; this is very important. As the HID lamp is bare, it cannot be exposed as the light produced will blind anything in its path & be totally unsafe. Keep this in mind.

Projector lights, the ones with a lens in the headlamp, are the best candidates. They are in front of the bulb & so the bulb cannot be seen. With the aid of this lens, they manage to throw a perfect beam ahead plus a perfect cut off of light so not to distract oncoming traffic. Many cars are equipped with such, from Fiat Puntos to Porsche Boxsters.

CIMG6255 (1024x768)Scrambling through internet web sites is definitely not the best place to source HIDs. If you are on a quest; then good luck! Promises are made that they will work but the reality is, there is no 100% guarantee. Not because of any fault. It is just the necessity to apply the correct HID kit, being that not all cars have the same electronic brains. A well equipped professional installer will have variations of HID kits & even additional electronics to support the install. Each car will be different & this is the only real way that you will get smooth & reliable equipment fitted to light your way forward.

Monday 22 August 2011

Hong Kong In Car Electronics

According to the web site, CES is the World’s largest consumer electronics show. More important to us is SEMA which, also is showed at the Las Vegas Convention Centre once a year. The latter is considered the premiere speciality automotive products trade event in the World & is not open to the general public.

But, on the other side of the planet, another enormous Electronics & Components Exhibition takes place at the Hong Kong Expo Centre. Like Ces, it typically hosts previews of products and new announcements.

It also has on display innovation of new magic for the car enthusiast & this is what interests us, the car fanatics! With all the new technology squeezed into new cars; this is the place to get the first glimpse of what may be available for after market wizardry. That heads up display initially developed for military aviation & first seen in colour in the auto industry on the 2001 Corvette will be on show. But, even better, some creations are not even available on new cars!

So what’s new??


As in past recent years, GPS in car navigation is a major player. But now, aftermarket is now OEM! I’ll explain. The usual method of installing a DVD player with satellite navigation (SAT/NAV) was to install what was called the double din stereo (a stereo double the size of the standard) which had a screen & needed necessary attachments to fit the dash. This included at the least, a plastic facia adaptor & a wiring harness. Those accessories would make the install as close as possible to OEM; but not exactly. In some cases, in fact in mostly all, certain features like steering controls would be lost. Not anymore.

This is where aftermarket has become OEM, now the replacement aftermarket SAT/NAV looks, feel & functions exactly like an OEM stereo that would be provided by factory. Even steering controls work as normal as well as the car’s Logo is displayed on start up. A reverse camera may also be installed; again just like OEM, no drilling or adjustments.CIMG6640-1

It gets better, better as the aftermarket has gone a few steps further than what is provided by most car manufacturers. The reverse camera assistance in some models even has a gyroscope built in; this helps the driver manoeuvre into the parking space by adjusting the guidance picture according to the steering angle, giving directions so to speak in which way to turn in.

Other models have also introduced 3G internet maximising online possibilities in the car; a great way to keep up with work on a touch screen in the car without the need to open up your lap top or tablet.

To top it all off & amusing for the younger generation, some even have a games console built in. Whip out the controller & fire away while waiting for the last minute touches she has to make; no more complaints why she’s fashionably late!

My favourite wizardry at the show was an invincible device. Everybody knows about remote central locking; touch a button & lock or unlock the car; it’s been around for years, last century’s technology even. But how about, just walk away & the car locks the doors on its own!?! The vehicle now recognises its master & on arrival, will unlock automatically as well. No more fumbling for the remote when carrying a large bag of groceries or on a dark rainy evening. A convenient tool for the commercial van or sales rep jumping in & out of his vehicle a trillion times a day. A small coded electronic chip is kept by the designated driver, this in turn communicates with the vehicle & so understands when the driver has left or came back to lock or unlock accordingly.









DRL(daytime running lights) now compulsory on new European cars. So yes, there is an aftermarket solution for this; LED strips. There were many variations from high power Led lamps to multi colour strips that may be cut to size. But, going back to making a result look like factory, cool white is in demand. For the fussy enthusiast, high powered LED lamps replace tired yellow halogens fog lights which provide a more upmarket feel. Alternatively, LED strips do look spectacular when fitted with passion, especially in the right blend of white to match those tear shedding HID headlamps. Fitted to front or rear & with a twist of creativity, they can even put OEM lights to shame!

HID lights have gone one step further; Battery conditioners have also made progress & made even cheaper to the consumer. Parking sensors are now more interesting & copper wire has taken a new approach to keep the price down...all this & more in future updates.

Maurice Gruppetta

Friday 12 August 2011

A difficult package to beat: the…2007 BMW 335D

Looks are always questionable. But to me this is a very smartly conceived shape undoubtedly worthy of the kidney shaped grille plus the BMW badge. It’s presence is clear & appreciative just like a beautifully contoured lady in a lovely fitted chiffon gown but not showing off too much skin.

BMW test drive

The in-line 6 cylinder diesel doesn’t quite have the finesse of the Merc’sV6, nor the fluid power delivery but it is more exhilarating none the less. Once the maximum torque kicks in, it becomes aggressive, exciting even. Buckets of torque energy provided by the twin turbos are transmitted to the rear wheels. The usual limited rev range in diesel engines keeps this BMW searching for gear changes as it shoots up the revs. This coupe offers an enjoyable solution to that; paddle shift gear change. Not in the commonly encountered method either; this is where it comes alive.

Most paddle shifts use the left to downshift & the right to shift up. The paddles on this have thumb motivated buttons protruding through the middle of the steering on either side. Press these to downshift. Attached to these are the paddles on either side of the back of the steering; pull back to up shift. Once you get the hang of it, shifting up or down one or two gears becomes a habit for no apparent reason! Nothing replaces the driver/car attachment like that clutch pedal & a proper gear lever. There is a missing connection between man & machine when electronics intervene just like losing one of the 5 senses. But this is the direction where gear change technology is going. In fact, some super cars only have paddles & no longer offer the manual option. So it is time to embrace the advantages.

When on the move, no human is anywhere near the super slick gear change on this car. By the time the brain begins communication with the left leg, gear change has already  been flashed up on the display in the middle of the dash binnacle! On top of that, traffic becomes a doddle & no longer a struggle; just plant the shifter in Drive & relax listening to your favourite tunes. The 3 series range all have one thing common in their DNA; sporty driving dynamics. Throughout the engines & option variations, they all have that emphasis derived from the chassis design. As far as diesel is part of the equation, the 335D Coupe is the summit.

Sitting on 19s with no M Sport, the ride is solid & firm with direct feel under the driver’s pants. An enjoyable balance which helps translate into confidence behind the steering, as if inviting to play. Steering always keeps control with fingertip precision, as though touching the road with them & not the tyres. A wonderful sense of grip is felt. Damping is so good, the body control is magnificent. Hooligan status can also be achieved, just spin up the turbos, switch off DTC, throw the car into a roundabout & twitch the steering on exit; oops sideways! Dump the torque onto the rear rubber & it’s play time, again with steering feel you can let the tail loose as it kicks from one gear to another. This translates over steer into good fun, with diesel power! There is little to wonder why the 3 series is the bench mark in its segment.

All good; no! The dash pod still has the signature of that lazy designer who left it with just two plain dials ahead. 0 for creativity there. A welcoming trend though is the centre dash tilts slightly angled facing the driver. All materials & build quality are up there with the best. This model does get the piano black finished inserts from the dash to the doors which do give an up market feel. This also extends from the centre to the rear seats making this an express carriage for four adults without compromise; two adults really do fit comfortably, unlike many other coupes. Not only that, but there’s also a real boot to accommodate. In the real world, such a practical package is difficult to beat indeed.

Maurice Gruppetta

Thursday 11 August 2011

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

“Massive. That’s the word”.


When walking up to this Merc, you get the idea straight away that it is impressive. You stop, you look at the beautiful design, a four door, four seater coupe; the stance is gorgeous, up front a distinctive snout, a curved low roofline flowing into a tapered boot.

All the specs are massive, 4915 mm long, 2059mm wide including mirrors. To tug all its weight, 2370kg to be precise, a mighty 514BHP is available. Torque, a seriously healthy 465 lbs/ft. The engine is put together by one man; it actually has his name on it. All the power comes from 6.2 litres of V8 muscle, enough to tow a small house. It does, however cough out CO2 at 345g/km.

Fuel consumption goes along with this theme, urban at 12.5 mpg, tickling the right pedal might get a lucky 19 per gallon. Calais to Pozzallo sucks up just over € 700 & that was before fuel went up again...

The new CLS 63 AMG will get the 5.5 Twin turbo V8 because of the constant battle against CO2 emissions, but until then, this CLS is normally aspirated. O-100Km/hr is reached in 4.5 seconds & who knows how fast it can go if it didn’t have the 250KM/hr speed limiter. This is definitely super car territory in a sports saloon, making it a welcoming achievement; sports car excitement in an executive package.


After walking round & admiring the sleek unique design as one does when mesmerised, it’s time to check out the interior. Once seated, you plug in the remote (yes you don’t insert a key on a Merc) which in turn, releases the electric steering lock, then, motors galore come into play, all synchronised to a preset memory, steering, seats & mirrors adjust accordingly with three memories available. The armchairs look & feel like they are made for high speed cross continent journeys for four adults but, headroom is compromised in the back. A large boot at 495 litres makes sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Build is superb & everything around you feels like quality with luxury everywhere. Nappa leather helps keep you comfy; as always, this makes it look special too. Anything you need is done by the touch of a button, so if you decide that the rear headrests are becoming tedious in your rear view mirror; no points for guessing, press a button & they disappear. The steering is still large as is the usual Mercedes fashion but that does little to ruin what is very nicely conceived and beautifully executed cabin. A lovely wraparound cosiness gives it a unique distinguished character.

Start up, no fuss here, rev counter jumps up & settles smoothly as does the engine. Quite a masterpiece really, the engine; sonorous & effortlessly powerful in any rev range reaching aggressive at full throttle.


This is a big car with a big engine based on the E Class platform but is sportier & more dynamic. It’s all the electronics that keep everything in place but make no mistake, this is really rewarding to press on; blisteringly fast flashing into three figure speeds in a matter of seconds. Automatics are the way to go on Mercs, they don’t seem to have quite mastered the manual. Seamingless gear change is slick in auto, switch to paddles & it gets more personal; flick down, it’s in fighter mode, flick up & power just keeps thrusting forward. Kick down is accompanied by a furiously flashing traction control light until the rubber really bites into the ground, this is where that silly smile emerges across & soon becomes laughter of excitement at the tremendous developing power.

Shooting down the motorway with V8 thunder under the bonnet is most probably any enthusiasts prayer being answered, especially when the residence is on an island 17 miles long! So when the time comes to slam the right foot down with a slab of tarmac going on forever, this is defintiely, absolutely the place to experience that V8 orchestra commencing from a deep growl that turns into an exciting symphony. Acceleration is constant whether the needle is at two or three digit speeds as is the solid feel of German engineering. Ease off the pedal as everything around you becomes a blur; this is quick in a new dimension.

Mercedes_9“AMG magic is present throughout the car & not just in the wheels or styling”. Steering is weighty & not over powered with the feel of handling a large car but gives control over behaviour in the bends. Brakes can keep up with whatever driving style chosen; urgency to a halt depends on the big pedal’s feedback with millimeter precision. Combine these with the tuned marriage between the chassis & suspension & this gives an enjoyable agility; always composed & balanced. After experiencing a CLS 320 Cdi, it certainly has the emphasis on control, the diesel version is for comfort cruising in style, the AMG version is for bragging with your mates when you get there!

After the thunder provided by this excellent piece of machinery, there is one conclusion: the CLS 63 AMG is an accomplished super saloon or, as it is marketed ‘Coupe’.


Maurice Gruppetta